The Best Mobile Games for 2019

Mobile games represent a $ 50 billion industry, with more than 2.1 billion players worldwide, and these two numbers are expected each year. How do they work such a big brand? Many and many games. It was not easy to choose the best mobile games of all time. With over 500 new games that are sent every day to the App Store and a great accumulation of classic and hidden gems with a lot of trouble, it’s a lot to discover. As part of our Top 25 best mobile games, we have decided to focus on mobile devices on most creative and creative experiences. While there are some noble exceptions, we compare most existing IP games and try to stay in games originally released on mobile devices. This is partly why PUBG and Fortnite are absent: although the two games are indiscriminately gigantic, we do not think that mobile is the best way to play.


Threes is a near-flawless puzzler. It’s easy to play: everything you need is in four rows and moderate numbers. Get people and two come together to make three forms, then of multiple higher and higher, while making clear the dense grille of tiles. A beautiful combination of graceful images, satisfying sounds and friendly enrichment makes it a joy to play informally. But his digital combining mechanism goes a long way, making games more strategic at last, a compelling opportunity, even for puzzle fans. But if it’s an exciting way to pass the time or improve your personal score, Threes acts to promise you “one more game” than no other.


It’s hard to overcome the legacy of Minecraft, no matter which platform you connect to. For most younger players, mobile is increasingly the way to play the blockbuster adventure game of Mojang. Pocket Edition was the first noble step for creativity to be open to phones and tablets. The Pocket edition, focused on the test environment and on smaller maps, has brought Minecraft joy to phones, albeit simplified for smaller screens. But with the Better Together update, which includes all versions and adds multi-platform multiplatform, Minecraft is better than ever.

Monument Valley

I would not expect a puzzle game to be a breeze, but Monument Valley is just what it is. A serene series of perspective puzzles that you have to go through, the Ustwo Games puzzle is never an open challenge. Instead, it’s a lot more about the discovery process, seeing how your world unites and disintegrates, what throws out obtuse or difficult scenarios. His series of riddles by MC Escher-esque is no more than a requirement: rethink the way you look at his world. And seizing this moment to reconsider things leads to a magnificent and constantly relaxing experience.

The Room

If you want a little bit of your success, keep in mind that most people thought The Room was an adaptation of the movie game Tommy Wiseau when it came out. Now this is the absolute norm for mobile and mobile games and the beginning of a series that captivated me and scared me with each new entry.

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is a good example of a great franchise that applies to mobile with a game perfectly suited to the platform. By inserting the Pokémon scan into a real world, the mobile configuration encouraged a light and accessible version of the elements that make the main series excellent. With the addition of AR and the constant waves of new updates and new features, it is no wonder that it has become a global phenomenon and continues to thrive.

Reigns: Her Majesty

Reigns: Her Majesty is The simplified control system of His Majesty is deceptive: with each decision, the balance between order and chaos in your kingdom is at stake. Each move is another movement towards the peasants, the royalty, the army and more so to maintain their reign as long as possible while discovering the mysterious secrets of the earth. In other words, if they do not attack you first!


Gorogoa is one of the most elegant and meditative puzzle experiences on the market. The touch and drag of its mobile version is the perfect way to play. It’s like opening a window to a strange and fascinating world, in the palm of your hand.


If you’re looking for a word game that’s easy to learn, looks good and feels good when you play, you can not beat Spelltower. Its increasing difficulty and some game modes make it attractive for casual players and seasoned forgers.

Desert Golfing

You are alone in the desert. In front of you, a golf ball. Beyond, a shallow hole marked with a normal yellow flag. Beyond that? The same scene again and again. Golf in the desert does not seem much, because it is not, but there is magic. It is a strangely simple, strange and hypnotic experience that is realized by instant and long-term rewards.


Few board games are present to take in both chaos and Space team. Using only their smartphones work the players together to navigate a ship in real, and tries to reach the hyperspace by frantically manipulating the control panels without sin. It’s a funny party game so funny to see when it is playing.

Sorcery! 3

Inkle’s plans in Steve Jackson’s original adventure books were already a fitting thought, but the third part was where the developers really shone (and literally). With the addition of a magical lighthouse, the open mapping world of the game becomes a time-lapse puzzle, also a story path, that does not only distinguish from books, but of everything we have played.

80 Days

750,000. If you buy a narrative avent, this is the kind of word you know you get the value of your money. Except that 80 days is much more than that. It plays a role in managing citizens, an adventure in an open world, sometimes even a romance simulator. It is especially a strange and beautiful story of a classic story.

Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon manages the thrill of adrenaline, which makes actions easy and hyper easy to make, with the readability and accessibility of a good casual mobile game. It is risky to say that a game is perfect, but Super Hexagon is very close.

Clash Royale

Most people play mobile games just to pass the time, but in Clash Royale, you play to win. Her personal warfare is charming and it is difficult to compare and make fun of new cards for the service of your next opponent. You see your card game in life, the resistance to the opposition and the running of the last tour is enough to make it longer than expected.

Mini Metro

We know that almost every round of the Mini Metro fails, but there is a strange move. It is a game of optimization and slow, silent growth that will slow you down as you try to respond to the needs of multiple subway lines in a comprehensive transit system. Even if your toddler breaks down, it is no longer satisfied to start with a new red and give it everything.

Donut County

The deviation is short, but Donut County is a joy. He is completely full of personality, has a killer soundtrack and a visual aesthetic.

Year Walk

There is something special about a game that you can call from your phone. The emotional version of Simogo of a Swedish folk tradition in real life is so much worse than it is. Not only the use, but also the way in which it navigates on a controlled screen to provide fear, puzzles and even historical lessons. There is nothing more like that.


If you already have a romantic relationship, Florence is a video game that brings you closer to home. From the first time she dug her business into a small separate device, after this frightening first argument, Florence perfectly falls on the powerful life cycle of a passionate relationship between two strangers. It is a succinct, heartbreaking yet beautiful love story at the end, and you have to teach it to yourself to live it, even if love sometimes breaks.

Hidden Folks

The kind of hidden object is seen rare as living and hiding as human beings. Exciting details and stupid sound effects bring interactive scenes to life as you reach and digitize various elements, animals and characters. Although his physical gratification may be too exciting for some, hidden folks can be a surprising moment of the relationship with his successful goals.


Endless runners are very popular on the mobile, but it was Canabalt, an unprintable browser deposit that put the genre in motion. Clean look, one-button control and subtle background narration make it a perfect choice for phones. Many traditional endless runners have almost visited the first jump of this little boy through the window.

Love Nikki

At first glance, Love Nikki is a surprisingly robust RPG in a world where everything is decided by the shares of fashion. It contains two levels of difficulty for your campaigns, thousands of articles, changing skills and statistics, and many varied events. Learning your systems can take some time and some events need a quality of choice that you can earn as you move on, but the love system of Love Nikki and the leaky design make it one of the best music games played. in every place.

Angry Birds

Angry birds are a perfect example of what’s good on mobile devices: take and play on levels hard enough for you to come back. The new bird escape is an exciting discovery and discovery of every level property (besides knowing how to master its physics) was so stunned that it was not surprised that it became a global phenomenon. Besides the fantastic support of extra levels such as creative and derivative suites, Rovio has made a franchise that has previously been made workable as Mickey Mouse for a whole new generation.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

It can be a fantastic artist story, or a sacrificial story, or the sensible humor of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is one of the kind experiences, but … it’s music. Despite the fact that you can determine your route in five hours, Sword & Sworcery will stay with you. What one feels in mechanical complexity is more than in the atmosphere and the artistic vision. So seriously, this soundtrack.

Arena of Valor

Although relatively new to the Western audience, Arena of Valor is one of the most popular games in the world. Enjoy all the experience of League of Legends and refine it with flying colors. It also matches an impressive 15-minute condensation and can translate the complex mechanical controls of a MOBA villain tactile joysticks.


The best puzzle game ever developed for phones. Immigrant staff for the ever changing mobile pay tendencies, Tetris is timely and impeccable. Although several imitations are available, the current version is the official version of EA, which comes with a new landscape, new modes and online ratings. But outside the extra-fine keys and under the new palette of sugar colors, the main advantage of Tetris is that it always stays … Tetris. It is hard to compete.

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