The Top 10 Best Mobile Games of 2019

When you think about of top mobile games, you can probably think of micro-transactions. You are probably thinking of free games where you have a low level of money, but then regularly injecting your credit card onto your phone will have to overcome an economy damaged by intent in the game. in scams You are likely to think nonsense and imitations of older hits, or even those previntive preventive throwing drill a truly innovative game on the market and set everything. (See what happened to Donut County’s mobile version of Ben Esposito this year).

It’s easy to think about the worst of mobile games because all things fit. Despite all the promise and potential, it has made mobile games an exciting new avenue just ten years ago, the bulk of the great successes and games in this space have been grossly focused on mining. money from your players. It is enough for anyone who cares about the art and design of quality games to completely abandon the mobile game.

It’s a shame because there’s always a fixed stream of legitimately legendary games coming out every year for iOS and Android devices. Small studios and individual designers still provide excellent ways to find the possibilities of video games on touchscreen. We hope that the players who receive this work are remarkable for mobile games and that the first players in this sector have not refused.

Most of the games that made our list this year show that creativity is still in mobile games. From the wonderful art of Eloh Alto’s Odyssey, to the ingeniously written histories of Florence and Donut County, mobile games have much more to offer than only puzzle games. Now, even that aspect of the world of mobile gaming can grow into an interesting release of time to time, as evidenced by the first match on our list. Let’s see the top 201 mobile games from 2018, starting with an unexpected game.

10. Legend of Solgard

King’s strategy game on the theme of the Nordic countries has not been the best start, and its radical economy reflects some of the least trends in payments paid in mobile stuff. Nevertheless, this tricotic game has a new game tag that works as a powerful hook and is so popular with content that you can at the same time get a satisfying hour of action without earning real money. With dozens of characters to update and more than half a thousand ways to play, it will play and navigate even if you have a bit of trouble.

9. Miracle Merchant

With a little doubt, I advise the simple and addictive map game of Tiny Touchtales, Miracle Merchant, but for reasons very selfish. This is the only game (twice) that I brought in the daily leadership. And I fear you, my dear reader, will make me a third easier. But it is my job to tell you about Thomas Beaumont’s striking illustrations and dopamine fever as his letters re-create to make the perfect potion. The principle is simple: combine four cards of four steps of different colors to create potatoes for your customers. Each customer requires one essential ingredient (color) and another that he really likes to give him a double point. Each step also has three black cards, which give you negative points. Interact maps in various ways, which also impacts total points. Your job is to combine the cards in the best order to maximize the values. It is a good combination of strategy and luck, and once a day you can check against all other players with the same division. They support customers with their names and stories after their imagination, but you have to take care of planning so you won’t kill them with the bad potion if you carry out ingredients. Download it to your iPhone or Android device and enter the game.


The best mobile games start with a simple principle based on the unique power and limitation of a phone, then become more and more complicated, without losing sight or elegance. OVIVO understands it. The physics of this puzzle is based on gravity and a monochromatic color scheme, which allows the player to reach the phone and the screen to rotate an orb and bow on the ground. Design with good taste, prestigious and artistic, unloading or fussy, OVIVO is the kind of mobile game that critics should be happy with from the first days of the App Store.

7. Alto’s Odyssey

The Alto mobile gaming team makes Alpine skiing an adventure through some of the most beautiful environments on a phone. Take one of the most popular mobile genres, the final corridor, and experience it with no brains or with great progress in micro-transactions, but by pure art. With a rich color palette, detailed backgrounds and exceptional sound design, Alto’s Odyssey derives the potential of mobile games as exciting a decade ago.

6. Cinco Paus

Technically, it came out in 2017, but it was Christmas day, so it’s too late to get it past in the last year. And whatever the angle, although released in early 2017, is so good that you have to make a list every year. Michael Brough’s latest game is based on opportunity and skill, with levels and instruments that are constantly evolving that prevent him from acclaimed memorandum and confidentiality. If you know the previous games of Brough 868-HACK and Imbroglio, you know what to expect. Brough is one of the most talented and consistently mobile designer in years and continues to be successful with Cinco Paus.

5. Dandara

The first game of Long Hat House can play fast with this story. His hero, Dandara, is a true figure in brazil history, but his style of style Metroid and his unique approach to movement make him a game of compulsion. It is both a myth and a dream that is part of a psychic science-fiction action game, sometimes very difficult for the aesthetics of the eighties and foreign 90s, and one of the best new games of the year.

4. Donut County

Donut County has to deal with the gaps and destruction they can cause in a southwestern community when used abusively by an intriguing raccoon clan. If you always have a wild town, full of crazed, sleepy animals and fantasies, Donut County is the game for you. In addition to the artistic style and character design, the best thing about Donut County is best. He is agile and short, quickly establishes the unique personality of a daring place and is legitimately pleasing without being too hard or depressed by himself. As pleasant and pleasant as the levels, I have sometimes found myself looking for the next dialogue and the next introduction of the characters. Just like the donuts themselves, Donut County will give you a quick and stimulating range, and the taste will be nice if you do it, but it’s not so full.


ELOH is another great puzzle game perfectly calibrated for touchscreens. The goal is to change the blocks to the right to reset the bars to the goal. Every ball makes a sound when it hits a block, making a nice rhythm when one is all in the right place. It contains everything I look for in a mobile game: a simple understanding that makes the intelligent use of the screen, more complex action, art and traveling music. And at this last point the painted illustrations of ELOH make it one of the most beautiful games I’ve seen this year.

2. Holedown

Holedown came out this year but felt the feeling instantly, like an old forgotten arcade in 21st century smartphones. You need to create a simple idea: playing balls to break the cubes before reaching the top of the screen, maximizing the bars around the screen environment and a swimming pool and maximizing them for the deck mobile, with simple commands. wear and use and a set of rules that make it much more complicated than breaking pieces. In a way, Holedown gives one of the oldest ideas of video games: ball-punching in blocks, feeling fresh and original.

1. Florence

Florence knows what it means to be people. We love, we lose, we learn and we walk. This story follows a relationship of his first wink to his last rebellion. Although it is difficult if it seems, the problem is not correct. The message is that it’s normal, it’s life. Most relationships will not be lent and the most important thing is what we learn in these relationships and how the consequences are that people will act as they or when they end. Florence gets this journey in an elegant way, with the mobile phone users active in the life of Florence. It’s a modest stuff that has a deep impression and evidence that video games are not as fantasy of power as delays in the desire to resonate with an audience.

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